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Perhaps the paintwork is the most noticed thing on any vehicle, which would suggest why so much emphasis from both product manufacturers, detailers, and car owners alike is put into the processes necessary to perfectly care for the paintwork.

There are endless product manufacturers for paintwork care products, and the difference between many products is quite substantial! We have tried a vast array of different products from all corners of the world, as well as all different price points; in order to be able to provide you with the best result possible given the constraints we deal with for each customer.

There are many ways we can approach caring for your vehicle’s exterior paintwork. There’s no doubt that proper care and protection of the paintwork surface is critical for long-term durability of the finish and to keep it looking outstanding through the abuses of daily driving, as well as making it easier and faster to clean, thus making your life easier in the future.

Here at Scheer Signature Detailing, we have tried thousands of different car care products, and have found what works best for the vehicles we work on under real-life circumstances in our given climate. Miami weather can be harsh. We can also help with protecting your paint after the paint correction for years to coming using our XPEL protection film custom cut to fit your vehicle.

Sure, product claims from manufacturers are great, but do they really stand true to what they claim? One wax may last only a month in the south Florida climate, whereas the same wax could yield up to a year of durability under more favorable weather conditions. That’s exactly why we put countless time into product research and testing of different products and techniques in order to find just the right combinations to suit you and your vehicle’s needs!

After the vehicle has gone through a decontamination wash, a variety of processes can follow for further decontamination, preparation, and enhancement.

After the exterior decontamination washing is complete, we can then move on to decontaminating the exterior bodywork and glass surfaces with the use of the Nanoskin Autoscrub system. The Nanoskin Autoscrub system effectively replaces the traditional clay bar to decontaminate vehicle surfaces to leave them completely smooth and contaminant-free. Using a special rubber polymer compound attached to a variety of application tools, vehicles can be decontaminated effectively, completely, and in less time than the traditional method. Nanoskin Autoscrub pads can either be affixed to a machine for faster and more aggressive results, or done by hand for maintenance and vehicles with less contamination.

After passing the entire exterior surface (including glass) with the Autoscrub system, all the surfaces will be completely smooth to the touch and perfectly prepared for paintwork enhancement and protection of the glass and paintwork alike.

After the entire exterior surface of the vehicle has been completely ridden of all superficial and embedded contamination, grime, etc, we have a variety of paintwork enhancement and protection solutions to suit your desired level of service.

At this point, there is nothing attached to the paintwork that is going to cause it to deteriorate, however the paintwork is also in a “naked” state as it is completely stripped of any protection that could have been applied prior as well as the contamination embedded that was prior embedded to the surface.

However, if imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks, water spots, stains, etchings, etc are present in the paintwork and you would like for those to be corrected, then Paintwork Correction will be necessary.

Keep in mind, the amount of work it takes to polish each vehicle is different depending on the painted surface area on the vehicle at hand. Thus, pricing for paintwork correction must be done upon inspection of the vehicle in person and cannot be done otherwise.

Paintwork Correction:

Again, Every vehicle is different, in both surface area and paintwork hardness. I simply cannot stress that enough. Paint Correction is the step in the detailing process that yields the most dramatic difference in your paint. It is the skilled art of actually removing blemishes from your vehicles paintwork, not just merely masking them with fillers, and is only properly achieved through a time consuming and meticulous machine polishing process. The objective of polishing is to remove imperfections in the paint, such as swirls, scratches, water spots, etchings, and oxidation. Done correctly this process can take as little as a number of hours to week’s worth of work! The amount of time it will take to level imperfections is dependent on the size of the vehicle, the severity of the imperfections in the paintwork at hand, and, most importantly, how perfect you would like to have the paintwork.

Having these imperfections in your paint means that light that passes through gets refracted, ultimately dulling the finish, yielding less gloss and depth, less reflections, and can turn into an eye sore. When these imperfections are removed, your paint will have the highest level of gloss and reflections are mirror like, with sharp accurate detail.

Imperfections are essentially dips and valleys in your paint. For example, a swirl mark is a very thin and shallow scratch on the surface of your paint. To eliminate these imperfections, you need to remove a small amount of your clear coat (paint) by utilizing the micro abrasive particles found in polishes. When you polish, the abrasives will break down and even out your clear coat to the same level. technically speaking, the smoother your paint is, the less imperfections you’ll have.

This is a skilled process and takes years to perfect. for example, Working the polish for too short a time will leave buffer trails and hazy paint as well as not actually removing the original paint defects. Working the polish for too long can lead to the paint overheating, and other adversive effects.

Properly polishing your paint is what often differentiates one detail from another. Being able to remove nearly all imperfections in the paint is what high end professional detailers like myself strive for. Car dealerships, body shops, and quantity over quality detailers are typically the most common places that are associated with polishing incorrectly, potentially adding imperfections to your paint rather than removing them. Don’t make the mistake and let someone harm your car’s paint finish. Leave it to me to make sure your paint is polished to perfection, the first time.

If you are considering having your vehicle’s paintwork polished, please Contact Us so that we may provide you with a unique estimate for your vehicle.


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