Exterior Car Care

There’s no second guessing the fact that the exterior of your vehicle is what is exposed to the most daily wear and tear from driving and enduring the elements, as well as other things such as fresh road tar, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, rock chips, road debris, etc… The list can go on for ages… That is why it is critical to decontaminate, nourish, restore, and protect all the exterior surfaces and trims in order to preserve or restore the vehicle’s various finishes.

Depending on what you would like done to the exterior of your vehicle, there are a variety of options we can go with as far as decontaminating, enhancing, and preserving your vehicle’s various finishes.

Paintwork Services

From simple washing to paintwork perfection to super long-lasting nano-ceramic coatings, we bring you the best available care for your vehicle’s paintwork! We use only the finest products, tools, techniques, and most importantly take our time to get all the details! This is the ultimate, no-corners-cut paintwork care available anywhere!


Wheel / Tire / Underbody Cleaning Services

Your vehicle’s wheels certainly endure the harshest environment on the exterior of the car! Leave it to us here at SSD to keep your wheels looking better than new! Proper tire inflation is also critical to a proper driving experience!

Glass Care

Properly caring for your vehicle’s exterior glass is not just a commodity, it’s a necessity! When water clouds your entire field of view because of it not running off the glass, that’s a safety hazard! Once we decontaminate, polish and protect your vehicle’s glass, you will see clearly 100% of the time, barely needing to use windshield wipers!


Engine Cleaning & Protection

It’s important to regularly clean the motor compartment of a vehicle to prevent deterioration of various finishes, and to keep an eye on the condition of the motor itself. We also can check fluid levels and top them off to OEM Specifications.

Maintenance Wash

Just looking to get the vehicle clean? We also offer proper maintenance for previously detailed vehicles, as well as regular washing and express treatments that are a bit lighter on the wallet and not as time-consuming as thorough detailing processes, while still offering outstanding service and long-lasting protection.

Convertible Top Care

Proper protection is crucial for the longevity and ease-of-cleaning of your vehicle’s textile convertible top. We offer protection that lasts up to an entire year!

Headlight Restoration

Headlights are the most important part of driving your car at night but during the day they should look just as nice. We offer headlight restoration to bring back the new car shine your headlights deserve.



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